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Peter Rowley

Peter Rowley is one of New Zealand's best known actors and also one of the funniest comedians, after dinner speakers and MC on the circuit.


Peter started his comedy career in Australia in the 60's working on some of the better comedy satires. He has worked in many areas of New Zealand stage and television including the landmark series with Billy T James.

His face and voice have become recognisable through his many appearances and voice-overs in television commercials. As an MC or after dinner speaker Peter is on his own. His humour is tailored to his audience and with his acting experience you can be sure that the delivery and timing is impeccable.

Peter has started and successfully ran a number of enterprises in New Zealand and understands what it takes to entertain a corporate audience.

Peter has also appeared on the silver screen in;

1992 in Stephen King's Hollywood file "Tommyknockers"
1992 he appeared in "Black Stallion" appearing opposite Mickey Rooney in a lead role.
2001 in "Ozzie" opposite Joan Collins
and in 2001 appeared in the Michael Hurst directed film "Gooey Duck".

He has also appeared in many of New Zealand's most successful television series' including;

2000 "Jack of All Trades", 1999 "Xena", 1998 "Neptune", 1997 "McPhail and Gadsby", 1996 "Pete and Pio", 1995 "Letter to Blanchy", 1994-1998 Hercules, 1993 "Issues", 1993 "Give us a Clue', 1993 "More issues"

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