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Alan Watson

Alan Watson and his magical family are without doubt one of the busiest show business families in the world. Alan, his wife Michele, and daughters Nicole, Larissa and Melanie, perform professionally as The Magical Watson Family.


This versatile family have a demanding schedule, but they love every minute of it. On a typical day, the Watson family may start at a children's birthday party, follow this with an illusion show at a theme park, and then entertain at a corporate function. Alan regularly finishes his day performing close-up magic in a restaurant.

Alan's consummate professionalism, coupled with a background in sales and marketing, has enabled him to break long established records, set new standards, and, in the process, generate valuable publicity. Over the last 20 years Alan and his family have appeared in more that 140 newspaper articles. This proves that he is the undisputed master at generating free publicity.

For five years Alan was resident close-up magician at the renowned Fisherman's Wharf restaurant, where he performed for an incredible 1,423 nights. This is a record for any New Zealand magician. Originally, Alan was booked for one week at Fisherman's Wharf, but ended up performing there five nights a week for five years. When giving him the job, Tom Hughes, the owner, said: "You've got the job, but don't bend my cutlery." At the time, Alan was doing a great deal of spoon-bending, and regularly bent at least twenty forks a night.

Alan deserves his success, because he works hard at every aspect of his magic business.

Alan and Michele Watson were recognized internationally by the J. Marberger Stuart Foundation who presented them with the 2002 DRAGON AWARD before an audience of more than 1400 magicians at the 100th year anniversary of the Society of American Magicians in New York. The DRAGON AWARD is presented in recognition of outstanding teamwork in the art of magic, and is the highest international award that has ever been presented to a New Zealand magician. The award was presented to Alan and Michele by the previous year's winners, Paul and Debbie Daniels. The DRAGON AWARD name is an acronym for Drama, Romance, Artistry, Glamour, Originality and Necromancy (magic). The winners have to demonstrate outstanding ability in each category.

In 1995, the legendary Magic Circle in England presented Alan with their highest degree which he is most proud of: Member of The Inner Magic Circle - M.I.M.C. with Gold star. One year later, Alan showed the New Zealand public why he deserved this award, when he performed the close-up magic section in "The Great Kiwi Magic Show" on TV3.

Alan Watson has also been recognized by the entertainment industry in New Zealand. On four occasions, the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand awarded him a Benny for "Top Magician" in the country. In October 2003, the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand received more than 100 nominations for the "Agnew Excellence Award". Alan won it, not only because of excellence in his chosen field of magic, but also in recognition of his dedication, professionalism and achievements.

One of the highlights of Alan's career was being invited to perform at the Magic Castle in 1987. Alan and Michele were the first close-up magicians from New Zealand to appear at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which is considered the Holy Grail of magic by every magician. Alan's show was so well received, that he was invited back, and has now performed more than 100 shows at this illustrious, world famous venue. With his typical marketing flair, Alan promoted New Zealand and its products, including Kiwifruit and Kiwi Lager, as part of his close-up routine.

The late William Larsen, then President of the castle wrote, "He delighted our audiences with his unique technical skills. They are at once astonished and well pleased, a rare combination for any professional to master. His act is of the highest quality and he is one of the finest talents to appear at the Magic Castle in a long time." Alan and Michele visited the Magic Castle again in 2002, and have performed in both the Close-up Gallery and the Parlour of Prestidigitation.

Alan Watson has always believed in giving back to the magical community, and has a deep passion to promote New Zealand and New Zealand magicians. He is a past-president of the New Zealand Society of Magicians and Ring 160 (NZ Ring) of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He co-founded the MagicNZ bulletin board in the early 1990s, introducing New Zealand magicians to the Internet. Incidentally, this was the first magic bulletin board in the world to be connected to the Internet. Alan is possibly best-known to international magicians for his weekly Magic New Zealand e-zine, which is read by over 9,000 magicians, in more than 75 countries, every week.

Alan Watson is the International Deputy to the Society of American Magicians for New Zealand. He is also a member of The Magic Circle London (Member of the Inner Magic Circle) with Gold Star. He also acts as the New Zealand representative for The Magic Circle. Over the years, he has organised more than fifty lectures by international magicians to educate and benefit NZ magicians. In addition to all this, Alan has served on the committee for three national New Zealand conventions, and at two of these, was responsible for publicity and marketing. Alan is one of the very few Kiwi magicians who are listed in the International Who's Who of Magic. In his limited free time, Alan works tirelessly to prevent exposure of magic tricks and methods.

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