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John Morrison

John Morrison is a quick, witty, lover of the game of cricket and former New Zealand bowler. "Mystery" came from the fact that no one (not even John) knew what he was bowling next and his after dinner talks are a bit like that as well.

John Morrison

John 'Mystery' Morrison is a former International Cricketer, well known for his dry wit and clever turn of phrase. Never afraid to say what he thinks John is very sought after for his perceptive sporting opinion laced with tongue in cheek humour.

He is a very popular contributor to all things sporting and is a regular on Radio Sport programmes, where he takes a shot at anyone and everyone.

Johnís ability to relate and empathise with his audience is the key to his success - his strength is unquestionably humour and entertainment although he subtly incorporates messages and philosophies into his speeches where appropriate.

John is also a Wellington City Counsellor running the Wellington City Finances, running a cricket club and being New Zealand Cricketís representative on the International Cricket Councilís refereeing panel.

If you're looking for a very funny speaker on sport in geeneral and cricket in particular you should look no further than Mystery morrison. But be warned he may spray a few.

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