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Jim Hickey

Jim Hickey as the former TV One weather man who works hard to make what is essentially dull information appear interesting. Jim was TVNZ's senior weathercaster from 1988 until 2003, returning in 2007 to viewer's relief.

jim hickey

Jim Hickey first became known to New Zealand viewers when he appeared as TVNZ's new format weatherman in 1988. His success was instant, instead of weather being boring it was now interesting, and people began to enjoy the antics and smile of Jim Hickey. After a short absence Popular weather presenter Jim Hickey is returning to forecast the weather on TV One's news bulletin

Jim was born in Taranaki and gained his secondary teachers diploma, Bachelor of Geography & Arts and Meteorological Diploma before joining TVNZ.

Before his face become well known, Jim appeared in over 20 TV commercials, and acted in series such as: Hanlon, Erebus, Both Sides of the Fence, Gloss, Mortimer's Patch, Children of the Dog Star and Adventurer.

Interestingly Jim is not a meteorologist. He has a geography degree with climatology and a diploma in meteorology. Let's face it weather can be very boring but to give him credit, just compare his presentation with some of the others and you'll agree that he has certainly succeeded in livening things up. You could always tell that his talents deserved a bigger role. This came with "New Zealand Living" for TV2, where he did everything from driving vintage cars to interviewing.

In addition to reading the weather on TV1, Jim was also seen to great effect in TVNZ's "Town and Country" where his enthusiastic style of getting involved and "finding out" drew high ratings.

Then came an even better vehicle for Jim to show his talents; with the introduction of the television series "A Flying Visit".

Jim Hickey is a real favourite with many diverse groups and always in demand as a speaker and MC for charity events, special events and corporate conferences where his wit, humour and professionalism always shine through.

He has been the guest celebrity MC and presenter for many events throughout New Zealand and was always one of TVNZ's most in demand presenters for a variety of appearances on TV presenter slots.

Why not consider Jim Hickey for your next corporate event, he is more than just the man who read the weather, however with Jim you will be treated to a fine weather programme with blue skies throughout.

Jim Hickey - enthusiasm and commitment in action.

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