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Marc Duffy is a "must have" speaker to any group working with students and building self esteem. His message transfers well into an inspirational talk in the corporate sector.


Marc's early childhood was one of turmoil and trouble. Because he couldn't understand the work it was easier to get kicked out of class rather than be laughed at. He was expelled from school at age 15 unable to read or write.

Throughout his teenage years he was in and out of jail and followed a career involving physical assault and car theft.

If your car was stolen in the Auckland area between 1983 and 1991 then you probably had contact with Marc Duffy. He was named by Police as the number #1 car thief in Auckland and possibly New Zealand. He was very good at it. Between 1984 and 1990 Marc stole more than 200 vehicles.

He was so good at stealing cars that he has been used as a consultant to crime prevention units teaching them how to protect vehicles from theft.

In 1982 he was introduced to boxing. He became the New Zealand lightweight boxing champion. A title he held for 6 years.But the crime continued! Even a sport could not harness Marc's quest for trouble. He was a very angry young man with few options in life.

Then on one fateful day in April 1990 while in prison something happened that made Marc decide to turn his life around. He determined he would never go to jail again and set about teaching himself to read and write. In 1991 he won the New Zealand lightweight boxing title a title he defended for 5 years.

In the past 20 years Marc has helped hundreds of people get their lives back. He has run 2 highly successful businesses employing over 20 people. Today he addresses corporate and education groups reinforcing the impact they have students and others. He believes in "role models".

Today Marc speaks to audiences about "Success comes in Cans not in Cannot's"

Marc's story is real. No hold barred! he tells it as it is and how it was. The magic in Marc's story is that it's never too late to turn your life around.

As he tells his story, Marc shares the truths he came to understand, inviting his audience members to apply them to their own lives. He awakens the inner wisdom in all of us, demonstrating that, although we may feel trapped, imprisoned or that “there is no choice,” in some area of our life, in fact, we are never without options and there is nothing we cannot overcome, if we adopt the right perspective. Marc shows us thereʼs always a way through.

Marc is proud to be associated with Duffy Books in Homes as one of their school ambassadors.

Marc regularly addresses Rotary youth leadership programmes including RYPEN and Rotaract.

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