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Bob Parker

Who will ever forget Bob Parker as he hosted TV's "This is Your Life?" Now you can stage the same event at your corporate function with Bob Parker to acknowledge an unsuspecting "star" in your organisation.


The scene is set. Family and friends gather in a TV studio awaiting the arrival of the guest of honour. The person in question has no idea that his/her story is about to be relived on televisions throughout New Zealand - live. The host - Bob Parker. The very image of Bob standing there with the big book in his hands immediately gave the game away - and the immortal words "Colin Meads - This is Your Life"

Bob Parker commenced his career as a pharmacist before moving into radio in Nelson in 1974.His warm manner and great voice made him a natural for the medium of television. He made his debut in television in 1978 with TV1 as an on air announcer hosting various variety shows.

In 1984 Bob bought the rights to one of America's most popular reality shows - "This is Your Life". "This is your life" was a world-renowned series that honoured and celebrated the lives of people who had been highly successful in various fields.

The programme gave an insight into the lives of the subjects, looking at the extreme highs and lows that had made them the extraordinary people they were. We met family members and friends who took the journey with them and who supported them on their quest for perfection.

Bob hosted "This is Your Life" from 1984 to 1996 during which time he honoured over 36 New Zealanders.

Now Bob can bring this same show to your corporate event with all the trimmings which he will assist you in preparing. Whether it be for a major achievement, anniversary, retirement or just to honour someone - Bob can make it a memorable event.

Bob is also an outstanding MC evidenced by the number of conferences Bob is asked to officiate at each year.

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